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Cunts R Us 02/28/23
Billing for Teaching CRNAs 09/01/22
No Surprises Act Final Rule 08/22/22
UDT; Recent Audits 08/08/22
PHE Extended 07/24/22
Proposal to Bundle U/S in 2023 07/18/22
Noridian's Nationwide Facet Audits 06/24/22
Central Line: Where Does It End? 04/22/22
CRNA Supervision in Non-Opt-Out States 04/18/22
OIG's Playbook for Facet Audits 04/01/22
Recent HIPAA Cases 04/01/22
CMS Memo on Amniotic Fluid and Placental Tissue 03/28/22
No Surprises Act: Court Disallows IDR Process 02/25/22
Cell Phone Use in the OR 02/07/22
Depo-Medrol Not Allowed in ESIs? 12/15/21
Surprise Billing Act Forms 12/06/21
Highlights of 2022 Medicare Physician's Fee Schedule Final Rule 11/07/21
OIG New Opinion on Anesthesia Kickbacks for Pain Practices 11/05/21
New Nationwide Epidural LCDs 10/31/21
$16mm UDT Settlement 10/25/21
OIG Targets SCS 10/07/21
How to Know if Medicare Will Audit You for UDT 10/05/21
No Surprises Act: 2nd Interim Rule 10/04/21
PRF Reporting 09/12/21
Too Many UDTs 07/08/21
No Surprises Act: Interim Final Rule 07/07/21
SCS: Prior Medicare Authorization in HOPD 07/07/21
Fluoro with Pump Refills? 07/04/21
AMA Clarifies Coding of a Popliteal Fossa Block 06/30/21
Reporting for PRF Money Updated 06/15/21
AMA Clarifies the Amount of Data for E/M Coding 06/09/21
What if the Patient is Afraid of RF? 04/30/21
Append KX Modifier for Dx Facet Blocks 04/28/21
New Facet LCD Updates 04/27/21
Medicare PowerPoint on New Facet Policy 04/26/21
EPIC: Denied Claims for No CRNA Electronic Signature 04/23/21
Facet "Gotcha" 04/20/21
U/S Billable for Arterial Line Placement 04/19/21
New Facet Policies Nationwide 04/16/21
2021 Back and Knee Brace Denials 02/02/21
Landmark Case: HIPAA Fine Reversed 01/21/21
New Act: More Money; Surprise Medical Billing 12/28/20
Proposed Rule to Amend HIPAA 12/23/20
More Government Money Coming 12/21/20
CMS Releases 2021 Medicare Final Rule 12/03/20
CMS Releases New Stark Final Rule 11/24/20
New OIG Kickback Final Rule 11/23/20
Imminent Ransomware Threat 10/29/20
Updates to OIG Work Plan 10/28/20
Facet Overutilization: OIG Audit 10/13/20
New Repayment Terms for Medicare Loans Made to Providers during COVID-19 10/09/20
Telemedicine Takedown 10/02/20
PHE Expense Code is Being Paid 10/01/20
Another $20 Billion in Provider Relief Funds 10/01/20
Recent Large HIPAA Settlements 09/24/20
Update of Provider Relief Fund Reporting Requirements 09/21/20
New CPT Code for PHE Expenses 09/17/20
HIPAA: Windows 7 08/14/20
HIPAA Settlement: $1,040,000 07/28/20
Appeals vs Reopenings: Telehealth POS 07/27/20
No Telehealth Billing Out of the "United States" 07/24/20
You Can Still Apply for a PPP Loan 07/06/20
Mandatory New ABN Form 07/06/20
CS Modifier - Cost Sharing Waiver 06/19/20
Quarterly Reports Delayed for HHS Relief Funds 06/16/20
Quarterly Reports Due on PPP/HHS Funds 06/08/20
PPP Act Amended with More Favorable Terms 06/05/20
HHS Calculations for the $20 Billion in Relief Funds 06/01/20
The Catastrophe Related Modifier 06/01/20
SBA Clarifies PPP Loan Forgiveness Rules 05/23/20
DOJ Settles UDT Overutilization Case 05/15/20
News Media Filming Patients and Areas where PHI is Located. 05/14/20
Keeping Relief Funds: HHS Liberalizes Balance Billing 05/13/20
IRS Denies Tax Deduction for PPP Expenses 05/06/20
Update: Billing Specimen Collection for COVID-19 05/05/20
More Money for Telehealth Telephone Calls 05/01/20
New Codes & Reimbursement for COVID-19 Testing 04/27/20
New Relief Fund FAQs 04/27/20
Update on the New $20 Billion in Relief Funds 04/26/20
Another $20 Billion in Relief Funds 04/24/20
COVID-19 HIPAA Guidance 04/24/20
Additional CARES Act Funding and Tax Breaks 04/19/20
New HHS Guidance on Relief Funds 04/14/20
Surprise Money; Strings Attached 04/11/20
Obtaining Advance Payments for Future Claims from Medicare 04/09/20
Updated FAQs on Paycheck Protection Program 04/09/20
SBA Issues Interim Final Rule on Paycheck Protection Program 04/03/20
Medicare Reverses Course on Telehealth 04/02/20
New CMS Rule on How to Document Telehealth E/M Visits 04/02/20
Medicare Now Allows Telephone Calls but Payment is Poor 04/02/20
The Paycheck Protection Program under the CARES Act 03/31/20
Anesthesia Billing Scenarios for COVID-19 Patients 03/22/20
DEA Issues Telehealth Waiver for Controlled Substances 03/20/20
Telehealth Billing During the Coronavirus 03/17/20
Billing QZ for AAs 03/04/20
Medicare Enrollment Revalidation 02/05/20
CMS Changes to DME Orders 01/07/20
E/M Overhaul for 2021 12/29/19
What's New for Chronic Pain in 2020 12/28/19
What's New for Anesthesia in 2020 12/27/19
Primer for Ordering Back Braces 09/06/19
Credentialing Prohibition for CMS Debtors 09/06/19
New False Claims Act Case Involving UDT 08/04/19
New Medicare Part D Opioid Policies for 2019 05/20/19
AMA Reverses Opinion on Cryoablation Coding 05/08/19
Physician Office Lab Reporting Requirements 04/19/19
Medicare Credentialing: Authorized Official vs Delegated Official 02/06/19
New 855I Enrollment Form 01/31/19
New DOS Rules 01/29/19
Injection of the Sciatic Notch 01/19/19
Does Modifier 50 Apply to TPIs? 01/19/19
How to Code an Erector Spinae Block 01/19/19
What's New for Anesthesia in 2019 12/29/18
What's New for Pain Management in 2019 12/29/18
New Criminal Statute re Lab Payments 12/29/18
CMS Changes to E/M Payment & Documentation 11/05/18
"Incident to" Billing 10/24/18
QZ vs AD - New Case 09/17/18
Medicare Proposes Revised E/M Payment & Documentation Rules 07/15/18
Palmetto Takes Over Cahaba Providers 03/01/18
Anthem Restricts Use of Anesthesia for Cataract Surgery 02/12/18
AMA Modifies Coding Opinion for Genicular RF 02/12/18
Medicare Follow-up Regarding Genicular Blocks 02/12/18
Back and Knee Braces Hit the OIG's Work Plan 01/28/18
2018 Base Unit Values- ASA RVG vs. CMS 01/11/18
2018 Changes to ASA Crosswalk and RVG 01/09/18
New MAC Colonoscopy LCD Will Require Appeal 12/22/17
Recap of 2017 HIPAA Cases and Guidance 12/17/17
Final 2018 UDT Payment Rates 12/16/17
What's New in Chronic Pain for 2018 12/11/17
The Colonoscopy Conundrum 12/11/17
Reduced UDT Rates Proposed by CMS 10/05/17
Stopping Medicare Recoupment on Appeal 09/05/17
New QMB Guidance 07/05/17
New Guidance from OCR on Cyber Attacks 06/09/17
Protecting Against the Worldwide Ransomware Attack 05/15/17
2017 HIPAA Settlements To Date 04/25/17
Update of Lab Reporting for POLs 03/17/17
Lab Reporting Requirements to CMS 03/01/17
$475,000 Fine for Untimely Breach Notification 01/11/17
MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System) 12/25/16
What's New in Anesthesia for 2017 12/13/16
What's New in Chronic Pain for 2017 12/09/16
CMS Requires Surgeon to Document Reason for Post-op Pain Block 12/07/16
Coding the Lesser Occipital Nerve Block 10/31/16
Pulsed RF with Transforaminal Epidural 10/31/16
HIPAA and Cloud Service Providers 10/16/16
New ACA Anti-Discrimination Notices Required 10/16/16
May a Billing Company Withhold a Client's PHI? 09/29/16
Billing Psychological Tests under CPT code 96103 09/29/16
Coding a Fascia Iliaca Acute Pain Block 09/06/16
FCA Liability for Too Many Drug Confirmations 09/06/16
$2.7 Million HIPAA Settlement 07/20/16
FCA Penalties Proposed to Double 07/11/16
Business Associate Pays $650,000 07/04/16
JW Modifier Must be Billed for Discarded/Wasted Drugs 05/31/16
Synopsis of MIPS Proposed Rule 05/01/16
NY Hospital Pays $2.2MM for HIPAA Violation 04/22/16
$750,000 HIPAA Settlement 04/21/16
Does PQRS Data Need to Reside in the Official Medical Record? 04/21/16
New HIPAA FAQs on Patient Access to PHI 03/27/16
Expensive Laptops 03/18/16
$1.5 Million HIPAA Breach 03/17/16
Additional PQRS Measure 02/27/16
CMS Issues New Final Rule on Refunding Overpayments 02/14/16
New HIPAA Case: Taking PHI Out of the Office 02/05/16
New Anesthesia Whistleblower Suit 02/04/16
Correct Coding for Genicular Nerve Blocks 02/03/16
Revisions to Ultrasound Interpretation Documentation 01/08/16
PQRS Reporting Issues for CRNA's 12/25/15
If No Measures to Report via Claims, Must Migrate to Registry 12/22/15
What's New in Chronic Pain for 2016 12/21/15
PQRS Warning: What if You have No Measures to Report via Claims? 12/20/15
What's New in Anesthesia for 2016 12/20/15
HIPAA Privacy & Security Cases in 2015 12/16/15
ICD-10 for DOS that Overlaps 9/30-10/1/15 11/02/15
CMS Proposes Massive Drug Code Changes 09/09/15
Credit Balances and the 60-Day Time Frame to Refund 08/12/15
2016 Proposed Physicians Fee Schedule Affects Anesthesia 07/17/15
Medicare Demand for Your Fingerprints 06/03/15
Anesthesiologist Indicted in Dallas 06/02/15
PQRS “Gotcha” Code Change Re Warming Measure 193 06/02/15
New CMS Audits of Spinal Cord Stimulators 06/02/15
How to Code Nitrous Oxide for Labor 06/01/15
Billing for Daily Management of Post-op Pain Blocks 06/01/15
Commercial Insurers Must Pay Anesthesia for Colorectal Screenings 05/26/15
PQRS Measure 47 Form: Care Plan 05/20/15
Are All Colonoscopies Now Medically Necessary? 04/20/15
CMS Finally Instructs Carriers to Honor PT Modifier 04/16/15
Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act becomes Law 04/16/15
Colorectal Screening; Denial of Claims with Modifier PT 03/30/15
Urine Drug Test Changes for 2015 02/24/15
Update Re: Anesthesia For Colorectal Screenings 02/19/15
What's New in Chronic Pain 2015 02/17/15
Medtronic Settles SubQ Stimulation Case for $2.8mm 02/06/15
Search Warrant Regarding Urine Drug Screens 01/04/15
What's New in Anesthesia for 2015 01/02/15
Opting Out of EHR Incentive Program: Do You Have to Pay the $ Back? 08/13/14
Medicare's 2015 Proposed Fee Schedule Rule Changes 07/10/14
Denials of 64450 06/24/14
Medicare Carriers Starting to Deny Acute Pain Blocks 06/03/14
Free POC Test Cups Violate Stark 05/18/14
New Whistleblower Suit Alleges Anesthesia Unbundling 05/14/14
Another Lab Gets Busted for Unnecessary UDS 03/12/14
New Indictment for Meaningful Use Misrepresentation 02/25/14
$15mm Settlement for Unnecessary UDS 02/25/14
Patients Get Broader Access to Lab Test Results 02/10/14
2 New Privacy Settlements 02/10/14
New CMS 1500 Claim Form 02/07/14
ICD-10 02/06/14
Debt Collection Practices 02/04/14
CMS Issues National Coverage Decision on MILD Procedure 01/15/14
What's New for 2014 in Anesthesia and Chronic Pain 01/02/14
New OIG Opinion: Psychiatrists Cannot Share Anesthesia Revenue 11/13/13
Register by Oct. 15, 2013 to Avoid VM Penalty 09/20/13
New Whistleblower Suit Challenges "Immediately Available" 09/17/13
Model Notice of Privacy Practices Form 09/17/13
TRICARE 08/25/13
Copier Hard Drives - HIPAA $1.2mm Settlement 08/15/13
CMS Auditing Transforaminal Epidurals - Again 08/06/13
Joint Commission "Dings" for Plan Deficiencies 07/24/13
The 50 Modifier Versus RT and LT 07/05/13
Hospital Pays $275,000 for Disclosing Patient File to Media 06/23/13
Pharmacies Requiring Backup Documentation for Schedule II Rx 06/22/13
If You Owe $, You Can't Add a Provider 06/22/13
CMS Says AA's Cannot Be Billed QZ 06/06/13
HIPAA: Website Payment Portals 05/30/13
OIG Recommends Slashing Prices of Back Braces 05/30/13
University Pays $400,000 for HIPAA Breach 05/23/13
AMA Issues 2 Opinions on Facet RF Procedures 05/12/13
OIG Settlement Involves Immediately Available 05/09/13
Noridian's Proposed LCD on Bundling Post-op Pain Blocks 04/09/13
PQRS Penalty in 2015 Uses 2013 Reporting Data 04/04/13
Anesthesia Qui Tam Suit Settled 03/29/13
Sequestration: Payment Calculations 03/26/13
US for Vascular Access Clarified by AMA and CGS 03/24/13
Medicare Recoupment Period Extended to 5 Years "Plus" 03/22/13
Immediately Available: Medical Direction vs Hospital CoP's 02/26/13
Changes to the 2013 Relative Value Guide 02/12/13
Revised HIPAA Compliance Plan 02/10/13
HIPAA Final Rule - Part I 02/04/13
HIPAA Final Rule - Part II 02/04/13
HIPAA Final Rule Adopted 01/22/13
What's New in Chronic Pain for 2013 01/04/13
Changes to the ASA's Crosswalk for 2013 01/03/13
What 01/01/13
AMA Issues 3 Opinions on Post-op Pain Blocks 12/29/12
CMS Amends CCI Regarding Post-op Pain Blocks 12/29/12
ASA Defines "Immediately Available" When Medically Directing 12/26/12
Supplemental HIPAA Policies 12/10/12
AMA Renders 3 Opinions on Post-op Pain Blocks 12/01/12
AMA Renders 3 Opinions on Post-op Pain Blocks 12/01/12
CMS Allows CRNAs to Practice Chronic Pain 11/01/12
Anesthesiologists Exempted from EHR Penalties 09/18/12
$1mm ZPIC Demand: Think Twice Before Changing Corporate Structure 09/07/12
Moderate Sedation: AMA Defines Intraservice Time 09/05/12
CMS Proposes to Pay CRNAs to Perform Chronic Pain 07/12/12
Reasons for Medicare Denials on Audit 06/22/12
OIG Strikes Down "Company Model" 06/04/12
CMS Proposes 10-Year Statute of Limitations on Refunds 02/27/12
Congress Passes Freeze on Physician Pay Cut 02/17/12
CMS Clarifies New CCI Language Regarding Bundling of Post-op Pain Blocks 02/12/12
High Complexity UDS - Medicare Adds New Requirements 01/19/12
CCI Clarifies Post-op Pain Blocks are Billable 01/04/12
New CPT Code Changes for Chronic Pain in 2012 12/19/11
New Anesthesia Issues for 2012 12/19/11
CPT 2012 Bundles Fluoro with SIJ Injections 10/14/11
Hardship Exemptions for eRx Penalties 10/07/11
Locum Tenens 09/09/11
Modifier 76 Versus Modifier 59 09/06/11
AA's Must be Medically Directed 08/04/11
Coding for Aspiration of Synovial Cyst of Facet Joint 08/04/11
Two New CMS Audits Involving Chronic Pain 07/20/11
OCR Reports 3 Large HIPAA Fines/Settlements 07/19/11
Mandatory New ABN Forms 07/19/11
Late Entries to the Medical Record: When is it Too Late? 07/14/11
AMA Restricts Billing of Moderate Sedation 06/23/11
CMS Allows Limited Cost Shifting for CRNA's 05/31/11
Medical Necessity for UDS 05/26/11
E&M Coding: Documenting Non-medically Necessary Facts 05/20/11
CMS Instructs Carriers to Deny GZ Claims 05/12/11
Indictment for Billing Too Much Time 05/04/11
Ultrasound for Post-op Pain Blocks: Documenting Needle Placement 04/14/11
Reducing Compliance Exposure by Opting Out of Medicare 04/14/11
Don't Re-Use Single Use Vials 04/12/11
Noridian Medicare: CRNA's Cannot Independently Practice Chronic Pain 04/06/11
Accountable Care Organizations ("ACOs") 04/04/11
New Effective Date of UDS Code G0434 04/01/11
EHR, eRx, and PQRS FAQ's 04/01/11
EHR, eRx, and PQRS Payments 04/01/11
Improper Disposal of Narcotics Received from Patients 03/23/11
AMA Liberalizes Time Deduction Rules 03/18/11
CMS Issues Additional Guidance on UDS Codes 02/25/11
ASA Writes Letter to Close EHR Loophole 02/21/11
TC & PC Components of Fluoro 02/11/11
Interpretative Guidelines Revised Yet Again 02/08/11
Liability for Being a Corporate Officer 01/17/11
AMA Corrects Fluoro Bundled with Epidurals 01/11/11
Decreased Medicare Reimbursement for 2011 01/07/11
Anesthesia CF by Locality for 2011 01/07/11
EHR and E Rx 01/03/11
HIPAA: Notification to Patients/DHHS/Media in Case of Breach 12/30/10
MILD: AMA Issues Coding Opinion 12/28/10
Fluoroscopy: AMA Says Bundled with 62310-62319 12/28/10
Dead Red Flag 12/27/10
Spinal Cord Stimulator Leads: AMA Update 12/21/10
PT: Coding for "One or More Areas" 12/21/10
"Incident to" Changes 12/20/10
New Drug Screen Codes for 2011 12/17/10
New Changes for 2011 12/17/10
Cuts Postponed for Another Year 12/12/10
Coding Scar Injections 12/12/10
MedAssurant Audits: Beware 12/03/10
Should You Lower Your Medicare Charge to the Allowable Amount? 11/05/10
Ultrasound for Post-op Pain Blocks 10/28/10
UHC and MedAssurant Audits 10/17/10
19 EHR Systems Approved for Purchase 10/10/10
CMS Complicates Billing Wastage for Drugs 09/06/10
Ohio Drug Screen Limits Spread to LA and AR 09/01/10
Drug Screens: Multiple Units of G0431 Being Denied 08/30/10
Complaint Filed Against Pain Physician 08/09/10
HIPAA: Shred Your PHI Trash 08/02/10
Billing for Tobacco, Alcohol, and Substance Abuse Counseling 07/28/10
HIPAA Response When Receiving PHI on a Patient Who is Not Yours 07/27/10
Timing of Post-Anesthesia Eval for Outpatients 07/19/10
2 Qui Tam Cases Filed Against Pain Physician 07/09/10
Pain Conviction Upheld; Narcotics; Billing Fraud 07/09/10
Red Flag Rules Delayed Until ABA Appeal is Final 07/08/10
Patient Disclosure of Owned Radiology Equipment 07/08/10
Pay Cuts Halted Until November 30, 2010 06/28/10
CMS Issues Clarifying Rules for Legible Signatures 06/17/10
Hold Off on UDS Equipment Purchases 06/16/10
E-Prescribing Controlled Substances 06/15/10
Watch Out for BCBS Audits 06/10/10
Billing Rounding for Duramorph 06/10/10
FTC Again Delays Red Flag Implementation 06/01/10
CMS Gives More Advice on Urine Drug Screen Coding 05/24/10
Interpretative Guideline Templates 05/21/10
OIG Now Allows Online Anonymous Fraud Reporting 05/20/10
Humana Limits Anesthesia for Endo Cases 05/12/10
Mandatory Compliance Plans? 05/10/10
Time to File Claims Shortened to One Year 04/06/10
Changes Wrought by Obama Care 04/03/10
CMS Explains Drug Testing Codes G0430 and G0431 03/30/10
Medicare LCD for Urine Drug Screens 03/11/10
Region D RAC Targets Anesthesia 02/16/10
Billing Ultrasound for Regional Blocks 02/16/10
Billing Medicare for Rounding on Catheters which are Not Epidural Catheters 02/16/10
RF of the SIJ 02/16/10
PQRI: New Anesthesia Measure 193: Do You HAVE TO Report It? 01/01/10
How to Report Anesthesia Measure 193 01/01/10
Medicare's New AI Modifier 12/24/09
Physician Cuts Delayed 60 Days 12/22/09
CMS Changes Stim Lead Descriptor 12/22/09
New Joint Commission Rules Affect Anesthesia 12/21/09
Billing for Stim Leads: Medicare Makes Changes 12/17/09
Drug Screens: CMS Issues New Advice 12/17/09
ASA Clarifies Resident and SRNA Rules 12/16/09
CMS Issues New G Codes for Drug Screens 12/16/09
AMA Advises How to Code Single Injection Lumbar Plexus Block 12/14/09
New ASA RVG Coding Comments for 2010 12/14/09
CPT 2010 Changes Coding for Stimulator Leads 11/19/09
CPT 2010 Changes Facet Block Codes 11/06/09
Medicare Stops Paying for Consults 1/1/10 11/06/09
New Teaching Physician Rule Giveth and Taketh Away 11/06/09
Red Flag Implementation Delayed Again 11/03/09
CERT Audits Focus on Epidural Documentation 10/15/09
Medicare Targets Ultrasound for Vascular Access 09/11/09
Noncoverage for "TIPS" and Anesthesia for "TIPS" 09/10/09
Get Your Specialty Designation Correct 09/09/09
AMA Clarifies New Patient Rule 08/31/09
HITECH HIPAA Regulations Adopted 08/23/09
Anesthesia Presence Required During Bypass 08/20/09
Medicare Incentive Payments for EHR 08/19/09
Failure to Refund is Now a False Claims Act Violation 07/29/09
OIG Takes a Hard Line on Signatures 07/28/09
How Many PQRI Measures Do We Have to Report? 07/10/09
New Rules Proposed in 2010 Fee Schedule 07/09/09
Who Can Take the History in an E&M Service? 07/06/09
How to Amend or Correct the Medical Record 06/30/09
MUE's 06/30/09
BCBS New Limitations for Blocks 06/29/09
Social Security Numbers; Red Flag Limitations 06/29/09
Waiver of Co-pays & Deductibles; Authority 06/29/09
Sole Owner Physician Who Dies 06/23/09
CMS Issues RAC Q&A's 06/19/09
Separate Billing of Vent Management 06/02/09
AMA Issues Opinion on Coding Ureteral Stones 05/28/09
Coding for CABG Done Partially On and Partially Off Pump 05/28/09
New Financial Disclosures & Notice of Patient's Rights for ASC’s 05/20/09
Red Flag Identity Theft Compliance Program Now Available 03/26/09
Ownership in Hospitals Must Be Disclosed 03/13/09
Stark Decision: Not Paying Rent for Pain Clinic 02/02/09
Coding a Block of the 3rd Occipital Nerve 02/02/09
Global Period for Stims Reduced to 10 Days 02/02/09
Cannot Bill Programming for External Stimulator/Trial Leads 01/26/09
Cannot Bill for Work by Manufacturer Representative 01/26/09
AMA Bundles Fluoro with Stimulator Electrodes 01/14/09
Formatting Error 01/05/09
PQRI for Chronic Pain 01/04/09
What's New for Chronic Pain in 2009 01/04/09
Conviction for Improper Balance Billing 12/30/08
Are You Checking the OIG Sanctions Database for Administrative Employees? 12/30/08
CMS Issues NCD for TIPs 12/29/08
62311 Cannot be Reported Multiple Times on the Same Date 12/22/08
PQRI: 4047F-8P; Update 12/18/08
Summary of Anesthesia Changes for 2009 12/16/08
PQRI: Addendum and Update 12/16/08
New FTC "Red Flag" Regulations 10/24/08
Hurricane Update 09/10/08
Hurricane Contact Numbers 09/03/08
Coding Epidurography Versus Fluoroscopy 08/26/08
Payment for Medical Supervision: Are More than 4 Concurrent Cases Required? 08/07/08
Coding for Dye Study for Catheter Patency in Implanted Pump 07/17/08
22 Modifier Form 07/07/08
ASA House of Delegates Says Deduct Time for Lines/Blocks 07/07/08
Pain Physician Convicted of Improper Incident to Billing 06/30/08
CMS Allows PQRI Reporting for July-December 2008 06/30/08
Percentage Billing Contracts Illegal in Some States 06/30/08
Medicare Audits Moderate Sedation 06/25/08
CMS Bans Use of Stamp for Signatures 06/11/08
U.S. Attorney Investigates Drug Screen Company for Kickbacks to Pain Practices 06/11/08
CMS Withdraws Incident to Changes 06/03/08
Billing for Bilateral Greater Occipital Nerve Blocks 05/30/08
CMS Makes Major Changes to Incident to Rules 05/27/08
Pre-operatively Placed Post-op Pain Blocks: The AMA Weighs in on How Much Sedation is Allowed 05/15/08
AMA Addresses Separate Payment for TEE's 05/14/08
Form for Documenting Post-op Pain Rounds 05/13/08
Dr. Feel Good 04/28/08
E&M Coding: "Impossible Days" 04/28/08
New ABN Form from CMS 04/11/08
CMS Instructs Florida RAC to Cease and Desist 03/26/08
Battling Payers' Bundling of Fluoroscopy 03/25/08
Form: Documenting Ultrasound for Central Lines 03/17/08
Post Anesthesia Note Form 03/13/08
Post-Operative Intrathecal/Epidural Duramorph 02/26/08
Update on RAC Audits 02/14/08
Rash of Recent Pain Audits in Florida 02/07/08
50 Modifier Deleted by CMS for ASC Facility Fee Billing 01/17/08
PQRI Payments: Just Measures 30 and 76, or All Claims? 01/08/08
New Anesthesia PQRI Measure: Central Line Sterile Technique 01/07/08
Congress Rolls Back 10.1% CF Reduction 01/03/08
Discontinue Using Modifier SG for ASC Facility Claims 01/03/08
Summary of Changes for Chronic Pain in 2008 12/17/07
Summary of 2008 Changes for Anesthesia 12/16/07
Synopsis of Stark III 12/16/07
ASA Committee on Economics Agrees with the AMA Regarding Time for Lines and Blocks 11/26/07
CERT Audits 11/13/07
CMS Announces Reimbursement for 2008 11/04/07
Discogram Bundled with IDET 10/26/07
Coding for Ganglion Impar Sympathetic Block 10/26/07
OIG Starts Auditing E&M Codes During the Global Period 10/26/07
OIG Starts Nationwide Audits of Interventional Pain Physicians 10/11/07
How to Code Popliteal Blocks: Sciatic versus Peripheral 10/05/07
CMS Agrees to Pay for Moderate Sedation 08/31/07
New BCBS Rule re Time for Post-op Pain Blocks 08/29/07
Multiple Levels of Fluoro Revisited 08/29/07
Sacral Vertebroplasty Denial Reversed by ALJ 08/17/07
CMS Starts Auditing 99233 08/17/07
Civil and Criminal Liability for Coders and Other Non-Providers 08/11/07
Advice Regarding BCBS Chronic Pain Audits 07/30/07
Proposed Anesthesia Reimbursement for 2008 07/30/07
Proposed ASC Reimbursement Rates for 2008 07/30/07
Using Ultrasound with Central Lines 07/22/07
Charging Medicare Patients for Missed Appointments 07/22/07
Required Use of 9-Digit Zip Code Effective 10/1/07 07/22/07
Clarification About AMA's Opinion on Anesthesia Time 07/16/07
AMA Issues New Opinion re Billing Anesthesia Time 07/11/07
Update on Radioactive Seed Implants 06/28/07
Coding Controversy re Prostate Seed Radiation Therapy 06/25/07
Medicare Audits 25 Modifier and Overutilization of Epidurals 06/25/07
PQRI Update 06/23/07
New CMS 1500 Forms Required as of 7/2/07 06/05/07
MUE's 06/05/07
Watch Out for BCBS 05/30/07
Appeal Reopenings vs Redeterminations 05/29/07
CMS Says the Physician Must Capture the CC & HPI 05/22/07
More Convictions for VAX-D 05/20/07
Check the OIG Sanctions Database 05/20/07
Physician Convicted of Billing Too Many Drug Screens 05/20/07
CMS Pay for Performance Standards Released 05/20/07
Trying to be a Good Samaritan Can Backfire 05/20/07
Program Safeguard Contractors Audit Chronic Pain Physicians 05/16/07
Neonatal Critical Care: Must the MD Remain In-House for 24 Hours? 05/15/07
Multiple Fluoroscopy Codes on the Same Date of Service 04/04/07
RAC's Go After Endoscopies 04/04/07
Billing Bone Biopsies with Vertebroplasty and/or Kyphoplasty 03/26/07
Brachytherapy: 00902 or 00400 03/26/07
Pay for Performance 02/26/07
GA Medicare Rules that AA's Cannot Bill QZ 02/21/07
Compliance Events in 2006 Affecting Anesthesia 02/20/07
Compliance Events in 2006 Affecting Chronic Pain 02/20/07
Amended Anesthesia CF 12/22/06
Medicare Issues Warning about NCV Tests using NEUROmetrix 11/26/06
What's New For Anesthesia Coding and Reimbursement in 2007 11/12/06
What's New in Chronic Pain Coding and Reimbursement for 2007 11/12/06
Update of Government's Fraud and Abuse Efforts 10/17/06
Obtaining Payer Consent to Bill Pulsed RF with Regular RF Codes 10/08/06
OIG Releases 2007 Work Plan 09/26/06
Anesthesiologist’s License Revoked for Improper Billing Practices 09/26/06
DEA Issues Proposed Rule on Multiple Prescriptions for Schedule II Controlled Substances 09/14/06
Medicare Freeze of Payments in September 09/06/06
Texas Medicare Approves Multiple Levels of Fluoroscopy 07/25/06
Wrongful Balance Billing Results in Punitive Damages 07/24/06
Medtronic, Accused of Kickbacks, Agrees to Pay $40 Million 07/24/06
Medicare Patients Can be Turned Away if Costs Excessive 07/19/06
Tenet Agrees to Pay $900 Million to Settle Charges 07/11/06
AMA and Medicare (FL) Issue New Guidance on Moderate Sedation 07/11/06
Consults: New Documentation Trap for the Unwary 07/11/06
CMS Issues NCD on Artificial Disc Replacement 07/07/06
Pulsed RF Denied as Investigational by Anthem BC 06/23/06
Claim Error Rate Should Not Exceed 5% 06/23/06
Policy for Charting Vitals to Document Time 06/23/06
Life Sentence for Health Care Fraud Resulting in Death 06/22/06
Final HIPAA Enforcement Rules 06/22/06
VAX-D Lands Providers in Jail 06/22/06
Billing for Removal of Multiple Stimulator Leads 06/16/06
Services Performed in the ASC Which are Not on the ASC List 06/15/06
AMA Opinion on Coding Ganglion Impar Block 06/15/06
CMS Rejects Payment to Anesthesiologists in Connection with SRNA's 06/15/06
Billing Multiple Instances of Fluoroscopy in the Same Spinal Region 06/15/06
Coding a Bier Block for Chronic Pain 05/09/06
OIG Issues New Guidance on Billing Consults 05/02/06
You May Get a New Carrier Which Changes Your LCD's 05/02/06
Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC's) are Paid on a Contingency 05/02/06
Billing for a Combined Spinal Epidural (“CSE”) 04/20/06
Combination Anesthetic and Steroid Injections 04/09/06
Pre-operative Critical Care 04/09/06
Making More Money with Modifier 22 04/09/06
Medicare Rescinds Non-Payment Rule for Bilateral Transforaminal Epidurals 03/30/06
AMA Rules that Cryoablation of Facet Nerves can be Coded as 64622-62627 03/09/06
Bolus of Indwelling Catheter can be Billed as 01996, even though the Infusion is Not Continuous 03/09/06
AMA Issues Clarification of Billing for Lysis of Adhesions 03/09/06
A Primer on Prescribing Controlled Substances 02/23/06
Ohio Medicare: Exceptions to Medical Direction 02/18/06
Discounting Out-of-Network Co-pays 02/16/06
How to Code Anesthesia for Discontinued Surgeries 02/12/06
Pain Physician Convicted of Improper Coding and Excessive Prescriptions 01/23/06
New Medicare Objective Requirements for Pain Blocks Other than Epidurals 01/22/06
Medicare Moves to Adopt Restrictive Criteria for Chronic Pain Blocks 01/15/06
Proper Usage of the 25 Modifier (Billing a Visit/Consult on the Same Date as a Procedure) 01/06/06
CMS Proposes Limitations on Bariatric Surgery Coverage 12/12/05
Texas Medicare Expands QZ Coverage for Incomplete Medical Direction 11/29/05
Incident to: "Initial Services" from LA Medicare 11/29/05
CMS 2006 Conversion Factors 11/27/05
Teaching Anesthesiologist Rule Change Denied by CMS 11/27/05
Base Units Announced by CMS for New Abortion Codes 11/27/05
OIG 2004 Annual Report on Fraud & Abuse 11/03/05
New Bankruptcy Act Helps Medical Collections 11/03/05
PA Medicare: Chronic Pain is an Exception to Medical Direction 11/03/05
SC Medicare Discovers New Software Compliance Problem 10/24/05
CPT 2006 Changes 10/24/05
Diagnostic Tee Placement During Anesthesia 10/17/05
What to Do about the New NPI Numbers? 10/10/05
LOCM in FLorida 10/06/05
Ohio Medicare Adopts QZ for Incomplete Medical Direction 09/21/05
Hospital Requirement to Provide Anesthesia Does Not Constitute Medical Necessity 09/12/05
Anesthesiologist Cannot Bill for Supervising SRNA's Insertion of Invasive Lines 09/12/05
Powered Up and Running 09/06/05
Medical Direction Rules vs. Hospital Conditions of Participation Rules 08/11/05
TEE's: PA Medicare Disagrees with Noridian Medicare 07/13/05
Coding Obstretrical vs Gynecological D&C Procedures 07/13/05
Leasing Hospital Outpatient Space 1/2 Day Per Week Disapproved by NY Medicare 07/11/05
Prescribing "Off-label" Drug Use 07/06/05
Pain Physician Sentenced to 25 Years 07/06/05
Coding Cranial Neurostimulators - 5 Units or 11 Units? 07/06/05
How Frequent is Frequent Monitoring? 06/08/05
Billing Vertebroplasty at the Sacral Level 05/20/05
CMS Rejects Payment for Contrast 03/27/05
Signing Prescriptions in Advance 02/27/05
Physician Supervision of CRNA for Office Anesthesia 02/20/05
Number of Transforaminal Epidural Injections 02/15/05
How Much of the Initial Visit Must the MD Perform? 01/31/05
New Weapon to Fight for Conscious Sedation Payment 01/31/05
Reimbursement for Contrast for Spinal Injections 01/12/05
United Healthcare Settles Fraud Charges with DOJ 01/10/05
Incident To: What "Initial Service" Must the MD Perform 12/29/04
New Medicare Conversion Factor for Anesthesia 11/14/04
New Medicare Conversion Factor for Pain 11/14/04
HIPAA - No Private Right of Action 11/01/04
Conscious Sedation 10/04/04
AMA Reverses Opinion on Pulsed Radiofrequency 09/01/04
Exceptions to Medical Direction; Chronic Pain Epidural 09/01/04
Blocking Versus Destruction of Facet Nerves 08/24/04
Modifiers Approved by Medicare 08/22/04
Medicare Approved Base Units 08/22/04
Conversion Factor Based on Zip Code of the Service 08/22/04
Pulsed RF Coding Per AMA 08/17/04
Proposed 2005 Fee Schedule Contains New Rules 08/04/04
Participating Physicians at Non-Participating ASCs 07/20/04
CMS Bundles Lidocaine 07/12/04
Changes to Incident To Rule 07/08/04
How to Make Voluntary Refunds to Medicare 07/02/04
Pain Physician's License Suspended for Failure to Document Meds 07/01/04
CMS Unbundles Various Pain Procedures Effective 1/1/2004 07/01/04
New Opiod Model Policy 06/30/04
Physicians at the Full Service Pump 06/25/04
Exceptions to Medical Direction in Virginia 06/24/04
Nebraska Medicaid Allows QZ 06/24/04
Minnesota Medicaid Allows QZ 06/24/04
Professional Courtesy Letter to Insurers and Sample Professional Courtesy Policy 06/10/04
Iowa Medicaid: Incomplete Medical Direction 06/07/04
Billing for Prolotherapy 06/04/04
Time Frame to File Medicare Claims 05/31/04
Increased Payment and Coding for Healthcare Professional Shortage Area 05/30/04
Medicare Payment Structure for PA's 05/30/04
Medicare Rules for Payment and Billing for CRNA's 05/30/04
Credit Balances Less than $10 Owed to Medicare 05/24/04
Medicare Correction of Contrast HCPCS Codes 05/24/04
Medicare Warns of Duplicate Submission of Claims 05/24/04
Coding for Kyphoplasty 05/21/04
TVT Sling 05/21/04
AMA Coding Opinion on Catheter Threaded Multi-level Transforaminal Epidural 05/19/04
Incident To Physician Must be Listed on CMS 1500 Form 05/19/04
Coding for Shoulders: Hemi vs. Total 05/18/04
Cross-Circuiting the Crosswalk: Using the Alternate Code 05/18/04
Changes to "Incident to"; Shared E&M Inpatient Visits Between MD and non-MD 05/18/04
Changes to Professional Courtesy Rules 05/17/04
Required Medicare Independent Contractor Clauses 05/14/04
Winning the Fight for Fluoroscopy 05/07/04
ABNs: Advanced Notice Advances Payment 05/07/04
ABNs: One Form Will Suffice 05/07/04
OIG Alert: Charging Extra to Beneficiaries 04/27/04
Gastro Societies Recommend GI Doctors to Perform Sedation 04/27/04
Medicare Secondary Payor 04/23/04
Medicare Appeals 04/23/04
New Stark Definition of Fair Market Value 04/23/04
Government Recoveries Against Providers Increase 04/23/04
Crosswalk Base Unit Changes for 2004 04/01/04
CRNA Supervision of SRNA's 03/26/04
Student Nurses (SRNA's) 03/25/04
No More 90-Day Grace Period for New Codes 03/02/04
New Reassignment Rules 03/01/04
CRNA’s: Independent Contractors or Employees 03/01/04
Discounts for Uninsured Patients 02/01/04
New HIPAA Opinion 02/01/04
New Rules on Voluntary Medicare Refunds 02/01/04
Effect of the Changes to the MAC Definition 01/03/04
Extrapolation and Repayment Rules Relaxed 01/02/04
The 2004 New Codes and Base Units 01/01/04
New Teaching Anesthesiologist Reimbursement 01/01/04
Supervision: Rule regarding supervision of nurse anesthetists eliminated 05/21/01
Signatures Required on Anesthesia Record 10/11/97
Modifier 51 02/01/97

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