Retainer Clients

As a retainer client you will receive benefits which include:

Billing, Coding, & Compliance

Unlimited calls, emails, faxes, and letters regarding federal billing, coding, and compliance issues, as well as coding advice dealing with recalcitrant commercial payers who improperly refuse to pay your claims;

Medicare/AMA Opinion Letters

Unlimited letters to Medicare or the AMA about coding issues that you want clarified and about which we believe you need something in writing to protect you;


All questions regarding HIPAA answered including how to handle subpoenas, how to remain compliant, and how to respond to a breach;

Emailed Compliance Alerts

We add you to the list of email recipients to whom email alerts and articles are sent when new issues arise, such as provider indictments, OIG Work Plans, new target areas, new CPT codes or modifiers adopted, new reimbursement effectuated, new Stark rules published, etc.; and...

Access to Compliance Website

We maintain an anesthesia and chronic pain compliance website to which each client is given password access; the website includes all prior compliance articles dating back several years, compliance forms you can download, and other compliance related material.

Inquire about becoming a retainer client

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