Legal Services

Legal Services

The firm has defended providers in whistleblower cases, state and federal indictments, state and federal investigations, as well as Medicare and Medicaid audits. V&A has filed a whistleblower case and worked with the government, ascertaining what types of claims and evidence interests and disinterests the government. V&A has helped physicians correct mistakes made in the arcane Medicare credentialing process. We have defended several providers in disciplinary proceedings before state medical and nursing boards. V&A regularly helps providers ascertain the correct methodology of structuring healthcare relationships to fall within the safe harbors of the anti-kickback statute and the statutory exceptions of the Stark statute. V&A has also numerous template contracts on file, including employment contracts, shareholder agreements, operating agreements, professional service agreements with hospitals, corporate formation documents, etc.


After having represented hundreds of physicians, we have developed numerous healthcare related contracts already in template form, which reduces provider legal fees, including employment contracts, billing contracts, hospital services contracts, non-competes, confidentiality agreements, etc.

Stark and Anti-Kickback Advice

Helping our clients avoid the minefields of the Stark and Anti-kickback statutes is a common request from our clients.

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