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HIPAA Turn-Key Compliance Plan with Policies, Procedures & Forms

Privacy Rule

  • Implementation consists of approximately:
    • 30 Privacy Policies and Procedures
    • 20 Privacy Form

Security Rule

  • Implementation consists of approximately:
    • 36 Security Policies and Procedures
    • 25 Security Rule Forms

Sample Forms Include

  • Implementation consists of approximately:
    • Notice of Privacy Practices
    • Acknowledgment of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practice
    • Unsuccessful Attempt at Obtaining Acknowledgement of Notice
    • Authorization to Disclose to Attorney
    • Notice of Defect in Attorney Authorization Form
    • Request By Provider for Medical Records
    • Business Associate Agreement
    • Patient’s Request for Restricted Communications
    • Patient Request for Access to Medical Records; Grant or Denial
    • Patient Request to Amend Medical Records
    • Accounting of Disclosures of Patient PHI
    • Appointment of Privacy Officer and Designation of Duties
    • Training Completion Form
    • Documentation of Privacy Complaints
    • Documentation of Privacy Related Sanctions
    • Minimum Necessary Protocols for Disclosures
    • Hard Copy Medical Record Assessment Form
    • Log of PHI Breaches During the Calendar Year
    • Breach Notification Risk Assessment Form
    • Initial Risk Analysis
    • Semi-Annual Risk Analysis
    • Risk Management Recommendation and Implementation
    • Security Investigation, Mitigation and Sanction Report
    • Appointment and Acceptance of Security Official
    • Access Authorization and Modification
    • Security Controls and Malicious Software
    • Log-in Monitoring
    • Employee Acknowledgement of HIPAA Policies and Forms
    • Revision to HIPAA Policies
    • Security Reminder Form
    • Employee Report of Suspected Security Violation
    • Back-up Electronic PHI and Disaster Recovery Plan
    • Maintenance Documentation Affecting Building Security
    • Workforce Memo re Unauthorized Use of Computers or PHI
    • Feasibility of Log-in, Log-off, and Encryption Software
    • Examination of Audit Log
    • Feasibility Analysis of Alteration or Destruction of PHI
    • Classes of Persons Entitled to Receive Electronic PHI
    • Workforce Hiring and Clearance Procedure
    • Software Criticality Assessment & Disaster Plan
    • Breach Notification Risk Assessment Form
    • Device Assignment and Movements
    • Cell Phones and Tablets
    • Termination of Access Procedures
    • Patient’s Consent for Provider to Disclose PHI to Authorized Persons

Telephonic Training:

  • Includes a 90-minute telephone tutorial as to how the plan works, how to fill out the forms, and what follow-up you need to do.
  • All policies, procedures, and forms are in Word, downloaded to your email.
  • Fee: $1,500

Web-Based Compliance Certification:

  • Our separate website, www.theHIPAAtrainingsite.com, provides each provider, employee, and compliance officer with a compliance certificate each year. By signing up, the participant can download videos, written materials, take a test, and receive a certificate that can be printed out and saved to prove training compliance to the OCR.

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